Carter County Voting Locations

Olive Hill Senior Citizen Center
220 Railroad Street
(State Hwy 2528)
Olive Hill, KY 41164
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Precincts served at this location:
D101 Cedar Grove, D102 Clark Hill, D103 Eagle Hall, D104 Grahm, D105 Pleasant Hill, D106 Pleasant
Valley, D107 Soldier, E101 Brickyard, E102 Buffalo, E103 Olive Hill Courthouse, E104 Smokey Valley,
E105 Upper Tygart

Carter County Courthouse
300 W Main St
Grayson, KY 41143
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Precincts served at this location:
A101 Courthouse, A102 Gregoryville, A103 Iron Hill, A104 North Midland Trail, A105 Oakland, B101 East
Grayson/Stinson, B102 North Rush, B103 South Midland Trail, B104 South Rush, B105 Stovall, C101
Alpha Hall, C102 Danton, C103 Hitchins, C104 Willard

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