Thank You

Thank you for contacting!

If you have reached this page, it means you have sent us an email after midnight on Caucus Day. We will not be able to respond to any emails on Caucus Day (March 5th) since we will be working the polls (which will be open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. local time).

But, we do not want to leave you without help.

Find Your Caucus Location

If you need to find where you are to Caucus, please go to our Caucus Locations Page.

If you are in a county that has multiple Caucus sites, and you don’t know your precinct, please go to your county’s Caucus Location Page and look at the bold print at the top of the page – there you will find a link to determine your precinct.

Once you have your precinct number, return to your county’s Caucus Locations Page and you can then find that precinct beneath your caucus location.

Other Questions

If you have other questions, please review the Kentucky Caucus FAQ page, where we have attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions.

It’s Worth The Effort

It may be difficult to get to your Caucus location because of travel time or if you work on Saturday. Please try to make it if at all possible. We, at KYCaucus want YOUR voice to be heard in the Caucus. Your vote will probably never count more than it will now.

Who We Are

Please also note that KYCaucus is not affiliated with the RPK or any other group. is a grass roots effort by two web designers in central Kentucky who are both conservative and politically active.

When the information about the caucus wasn’t available in one central location, and the Caucus itself was only 4 months away, we did what we do best… we built a website, gathered information and worked to make it easy for people to find on the Internet so voters could get the answers they were seeking.

Help Others Find Their Information

Please share the site with your family and friends so they can get the answers they need. Especially our Caucus FAQ Page and our Caucus Voting Locations Page. You can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter, if you have those accounts.

As a grass roots effort, we can only be successful in getting Caucus information out with the help of people like you!

Thanks again,

Angela Allen & Steve Knight
Cool Jazz Web Design Studio
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